Sunday, April 19, 2009

W2G2 (What 2 Go 2): April 20-26

I passed on Coachella, more from simply ignoring it and letting it pass me by than affirmatively deciding not to go. I think I made the right choice. The heat is ridiculous; it's 99 degrees in Indio right now. Why don't they have it earlier in the year? From the reports on Coachella it seems I would have enjoyed Friday's show, though, with Cage the Elephant, Hold Steady, and Paul McCartney. I do need to see Cage again after their fantastic SXSW set, and I haven't seen The Hold Steady since their Troubadour show in Summer 2005.

Anyway, onto the upcoming week.

Monday: Henry Clay People residency, Show 3, at Spaceland. The covers show. Marvelous Toy opens at 9pm and The Whip at 10. HCP at 11, and Adeline & The Philistines close it out at midnight.
  • I want to see Marvelous Toy and Adeline, but I don't need to see The Whip. I'm also not sure how The Whip's appearance is going to affect the whole dynamic of the show. They're a dance-rock/electonica band from the UK, so they don't fit with the bill at all. They're not that great, either. To avoid the possible lines, though, I'll probably end up getting there for most of The Whip's set, so I guess I might as well get there earlier and see Marvelous Toy, in which case I may leave before Adeline.
Thursday: Casxio at Spaceland. Oh Darling, Vanaprasta and The Nights open. RSVP to for $5 guest list.
  • This should be a very fun show, especially if Mouse of Classical Geek Theatre is anywhere near accurate in his review of Casxio's January show at Spaceland. Prince backed by Talking Heads? Sign me up.
  • Oh Darling is girl-fronted indie pop from Portland. Think of a cuter, higher-pitched Kindercore-era Dressy Bessy. Maybe (hopefully?) they rock out live a bit.
  • The Nights sound good, too, and start the night at 9pm.
Friday: Tyrone Wells (acoustic) at Hotel Cafe. First trip to Hotel Cafe. I've heard varying things about the venue.

: You Me & Iowa, We Fly By Night, The Hectors, and Avi Buffalo at Spaceland.
  • I saw The Hectors on my first ever trip to Spaceland in December when they opened for Radars to the Sky and was quite impressed.
  • I'm hoping to like Avi Buffalo as much as some other people do, but I was underwhelmed by their show in March at 3 Clubs. Apparently they were all getting over colds, but I don't know if I've ever seen a band seem as uninterested in playing as they did on that night. But I'm happy to give them another chance.
  • I've listened to a bit of You Me & Iowa and they sound good.
  • We Fly By Night are a new band from SF (so new that they played their first show on March 23)
Sunday: This is a bit of a tough call. The Faint play at The Henry Fonda, while The Mae Shi play The Echo.
  • The Faint is always a good time, even if their new album isn't their best. I saw them at The Fonda in August and loved it.
  • On the other hand, I haven't seen The Mae Shi yet, and I probably should.

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