Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello Dragon at Silverlake Lounge (5/13/2009)

It was great being back at Silverlake Lounge last week; it had been almost three months since the Local Natives residency. Even better was that the place wasn't packed like it is during residency shows.

Hello Dragon was scheduled to go on at 10 but started more towards 10:40 because Divisible had a really long sound check. I liked their set, although I was a bit bored during some of it. Overall their power-pop/pop-rock sound is pleasant to the ears. They have both a male and female singer, but the female vocals are rarely anything but backup, which is unfortunate. They were offering free CDs at their merch table and I picked up The Quantum Explorers. My favorite tracks off the album are "Birds of Prey" and "Stephen Hawking."

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