Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Must See The Henry Clay People This Month

Don't ask questions. Just go. You're going to hate yourself one day if you miss this.

  • New songs ("Taste of the Tasteless" tonight and I'm sure "End of the Empire" will make an appearance next week) and newer songs (one brand new song each night)
  • Covers. The third show (April 20) is devoted to covers.
  • "Old" favorites ("Working Part Time," "This Ain't a Scene," "Andy Sings")
  • Destroying equipment by accident. Joey knocked over Jordan's (of Marvelous Toy) keyboard not once, but twice. The first fall killed it, the second time was just hilarious. Joey appeared to trip in the middle of the stage and tumble over, and then the keyboard fell over in almost slow motion.
  • Special Guests. Tonight Airborne Toxic Event joined HCP for "Honky Tonk Women."
  • They'll soon be too big for Spaceland, if they aren't already.
Waited on line 30 minutes for a 40 minute set and it was still worth it. Looking forward to getting there next week a little earlier. For some mediocre quality videos from the show, check out CER's YouTube page.

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