Monday, August 10, 2009

What 2 Go 2: August 10 - 15

W2G2 is back, at least for this week. If this is not the week I get my going-to-too-many-shows momentum back, then nothing will. There's at least one show worth attending every day.

Monday: Local Natives, Red Cortez, and Rademacher @ Spaceland. Get there early; this one is going to be packed, and waiting on line in front of Spaceland is no fun.

Tuesday: Tic Tic Boom! @ Spaceland. Very promising band.
  • Reasonable alternative #1: The Voyeurs video release show at the Echo. I've never heard of a video release show, but the trailer for the Voyeurs' video is impressive, and the Voyeurs are great live. Here's the trailer:

  • Guilty pleasure alternative: Cobra Starship at the Troubadour. Sold out, but if you got tickets you're going to have a lot of fun.
Wednesday: Olin & The Moon at Pershing Square. Free outdoor concert in the middle of downtown.

Thursday: Great Northern, Xu Xu Fang and Obi Best @ The Bootleg Theatre. This is a Pablove benefit show. Ryan from Divison Day is "playing" a "DJ set."
  • I don't get the "DJ sets" thing. So someone puts a bunch of songs on an iPod, plugs it into the venue's soundsystem, and presses play? Sounds awesome. Is anyone even listening?
Friday: Rock 'N Roll Circus! Finally a Henry Clay People show at a reasonable venue (the Wiltern is not a reasonable venue), and I finally get to see Fol Chen, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra's new lineup, and Downtown/Union. There's going to be Skeeball, Sno-cones and Cotton Candy, too.

Saturday: Tough choice tonight
  • Option 1: Nico Stai plays with a full band at the opening of the new Ghettogloss Gallery. Full details have not been announced yet.

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