Friday, January 29, 2010

Video Encounter: The Happy Hollows "Death to Vivek Kemp"

The music video for The Happy Hollows "Death to Vivek Kemp" was released today. It was directed by Ben Hoste, who also directed The Voyeurs' video for "The Night I Died," which is somewhere on this blog if you look for it.

From Ben:

"I was super excited to direct a music video for The Happy Hollows’ song “Death to Vivek Kemp”. It was released today and premiered on The Daily Swarm where they said some nice things about it (which is appreciated), so head over there and check it out. It was a pleasure working with Sarah, Charlie, and Chris, they are some of the friendliest and most talented musicians I know, and at this point I feel as though I know them intimately having spent hundreds of hours drawing each one of them over and over and over and over. Hope you enjoy it and buy their record! It’s fantastic."

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