Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family of the Year: SXSW and Video for "Psyche or Like Scope"

Back in January, CER Favorites Family of the Year premiered their video for "Psyche or Like Scope." Being negligent in my duties, I did not post the video. Allow me to correct myself:

But that's not all. After a string of successful, sold-out shows in Europe, the band will be playing two shows at SXSW. Their official showcase on Saturday night, March 19, at Emo's Jr. has a very strong lineup. FOTY is on at 9pm and you should then stick around for the rest of the night to see Jonquil (10pm), Givers (11pm), FM Belfast (midnight), and Lesands (1am). It's an incredible way to close out SXSW, and I hope to be there.

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