Saturday, March 7, 2009

CER Featured Band #1: Local Natives

It only makes sense that CER's first featured band is Local Natives, since their December 8, 2008 show catapulted me into LA's local music "scene." It was 1) my first ever Silverlake/Echo Park show, 2) my first time at the Silverlake Lounge, 3) the first time I had gone to see a band after hearing them on Indie 103.1's local music show "Check One Two . . ." (R.I.P.), and 4) quite a performance. I was lucky enough to catch two of their February residency shows at the Silverlake Lounge, and they're not the secret that they were back in December; their last residency show hit capacity just minutes after their set began. I'm looking forward to seeing them play at SXSW before a foreign crowd.

At the top right of the blog (in the "gadgets" section) are four of their songs, courtesy of iLike. Embedded below are tracks posted by Matt Frazier, the band's drummer, on iMeem, including three songs that have never appeared on LN's Myspace. After hearing "Camera Talk" on Check One Two on December 7, it was these iMeem songs that convinced me to head out to Silverlake the next night to see them. Glad I did.

Pictures from each of the three LN shows I've seen are courtesy of the mediocre camera on my aging AT&T Tilt.

Local Natives

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