Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tonight: Two Shows with a Stop at Amoeba

Trying to go to two shows in one night is usually just not possible for two reasons: 1) They're happening at the same time, and 2) They're nowhere near each other.

Tonight, however, the stars have aligned. And it's all free.

First, start with Army Navy at Space 15 Twenty at 1520 N. Cahuenga. Outdoor show in their courtyard, and AM should go on around 8.

Then, just blocks away at 3 Clubs (1123 Vine) is this month's Rumble LA show with Here Here and Avi Buffalo. Here Here is a chamber pop band from San Fransisco, and you can never go wrong with chamber pop.

Doors to Rumble open at 8. I would guess set times are 9, 10, 11. Some blogs are reporting that Princeton is playing instead of Fitz & The Tantrums. Princeton didn't say anything about that at their show last night, so I'd say its doubtful. Fitz sounds fun; they have an oldies/soul sound.

The show is free with an RSVP on this site

So you park, walk over to Space 15 Twenty, see Army Navy, grab some food, spend some time at Amoeba, and then walk half a mile to 3 of Clubs. It's easy. And fun.

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