Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What 2 Go 2: June 23 - 28

I'm out of town again beginning on Thursday, but I'll be scheduling posts to go up while I'm out. This looks like a high quality week.

Tuesday: Cryptacize at Echo Curio.
Wednesday: The Watson Twins at Largo.

Thursday: Amanda Palmer at the Troubadour. She's mesmerizing.

Friday: Fol Chen at the PDG Warehouse downtown. Supposedly a Lakers celebration. I'm going to miss Fol Chen again. Arrgs.
  • Alternate: Telekinesis at Echoplex
  • Alternate 2: Line and Circle (who sound great on their Myspace) at Spaceland. They're not headlining, and I'm not familiar with the other bands playing, so might not be worth it.
Saturday: Probably can't go wrong with Halloween Jack at Spaceland. I never made it to any of their shows.

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