Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What 2 Go 2: June 9 - 14

Over a week since my last post and over a week since my last LA show. Strange. This week makes up for it with two stellar, absolutely must-see shows at the end of the week.

[UPDATE: The Mae Shi dropped off the Taco Zone benefit. New lineup has Red Cortez instead]

Tuesday: The Lemonheads at Spaceland. These guys were a bit before my time, but it should be interesting to see them.

Thursday: Handsome Furs play the Echoplex. The Monolators open at 8:30pm. I'm not too impressed with the Furs, but I keep on missing The Monolators, and that needs to stop.
  • There's a discount list for this show (either $7 or $8). Email mail@themonolators.com by Thursday at Noon with your name.
Friday: Red Cortez, Kenan Bell, Robert Francis, and Special Guests at Spaceland. This is a special benefit show for Taco Zone, the Echo Park taco truck that was set on fire on Friday. This show has something for everyone.

Saturday: Datarock, Casxio, and Wallpaper at The Key Club. CER Show of the Week.
  • One listen to Wallpaper's "Combination Pizza Hut Taco Bell" lets you know that you should be at The Roxy when this show starts. Pitchfork review (with track) here.
  • And Datarock is Datarock. They released their new album today, and it sounds good on Myspace (a lot better than their previous album, which seemed hit or miss).
Sunday: If I have any energy left, I'll be expending it seeing Anavan at The Smell. Math The Band (best band name ever?) open with their hyperactive and ridiculously fun moog-rock.

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