Monday, September 21, 2009

The Harlem Shakes: R.I.P. (2006-2009)

A very sad goodbye to the Harlem Shakes, one of my favorite non-local bands of 2009. They first came to my attention when I was looking up bands that were playing at SXSW this year. Kevin Bronson's party was all local bands with the Harlem Shakes as the one exception. I fired up their myspace page and after hearing less than 30 seconds of "Niagara Falls" I was hooked. "Technicolor Health" is unquestionably one of my favorite albums of the year.

I heard the news Friday night but couldn't find confirmation so I ignored it. But it's true, and very disappointing. I sincerely enjoyed seeing them twice at SXSW and for both of their LA dates opening for Passion Pit. After their Passion Pit tour I kept waiting for an announcement of their next LA date -- I was preemptively excited for them to headline The Echo or Spaceland, but it wasn't meant to be.

For the uninitiated:

MP3s (from Radio Exile):

Harlem Shakes – “Y Control” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)

Harlem Shakes – “Niagara Falls”

Harlem Shakes – “Sickos”

Videos I took during their LA dates:

CER Posts re: The Shakes

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