Friday, October 2, 2009

Eagle Rock Music Festival Tomorrow

Here's everything you need to know. First, it's free, and there's free parking at Eagle Rock Plaza (2700 Colorado Blvd). The festival takes place on Colorado Boulevard between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Argus.

Below is a map with the set times. Click on it for the larger version.

List of Myspace links for all the bands.

Main ERMF page.

Complete Lineup with Set Times

(I've bolded the sets I'm most interested in; apologies for the formatting issues)

Emerging Stage
FYF Fest/LA Record
Shearin Ave. and Colorado Blvd.
4:00-5:00pm- Chris and Charlie DJ Set (LA Record)

5:00-5:35pm- Faraway Places

6:00-6:35pm -Leslie and the Badgers

7:00-7:35pm- Fol Chen

8:00-8:35pm- Free Moral Agents

9:00-9:40pm- Jail Weddings

10:15-11:00pm- No Age

Global Stage

Dublab Future Roots Stage
Between Eagle Rock Blvd. and Caspar Ave. on Colorado Blvd.

4:00-4:45pm -Julia Holter
4:45-5:45pm- Nanny Cantaloupe
5:45-6:15pm- Bali and Beyond Gamelan Ensemble
6:15-7:15pm- The Gaslamp Killer
7:15-8:00pm- Michael White Quintet Featuring Vocalist Leisei Chen
8:00-9:00pm- Mas Exitos
9:00-9:45pm- Buyepongo
10:00-11:00pm- Dub Club "Echodelic Sound System” with special guest vocalists

American Legion Hall
2109 Merton Ave.

4:00-4:35pm- Shakey Graves
5:00-5:35pm- Random Patterns
6:00-6:35pm- Bobb Bruno
7:00-7:35pm- Wounded Lion
8:00-8:20pm- Robedoor
8:30-9:00pm- Pocahaunted
9:30-10:00pm- The Street and Babe Shadow
10:30-11:30pm- SASSAS soundShoppe

American Tire Depot
Kingsize Soundlabs Stage / The Ship Stage
1924 Colorado Blvd.

Kingsize Soundlabs Stage
4:00-4:25pm- Linus of Hollywood
5:00- 5:25pm- Andrew Lynch
6:00- 6:25pm- Alaskan Summer
7:00-7:25pm- The Pulsars
8:00-8:25pm- Patrick Park
9:00- 9:25pm- Blank Blue
10:00-10:25pm- Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

The Ship Stage
4:30-4:55pm- Wonderground
5:30- 5:55pm- Amateurs
6:30- 6:55pm- Ovideo
7:30-7:55pm- The French Semester

8:30- 8:55pm- Nico Stai

9:30- 9:55pm- The Pity Party

10:30- 11:00pm- The Happy Hollows

Bateman Water and Heating

Razorcake/Zocaloc Stage
1801 W. Colorado Blvd.

4:00-4:30pm- The Ignorant
4:55-5:25pm- Carnage Asada
5:50-6:20pm- That’s Incredible
6:45- 7:15pm- Apples and Onions
7:40-8:10pm- The Woolly Bandits
8:35-9:05pm- The Curs

9:30-10:00pm- Underground Railroad to Candyland
10:30-11:30pm- The Gears

2128 Colorado Blvd.

6:30-7:30pm- Juan Vega Trio
8:00-10:00pm- Juan Vega Trio

Eagle Rock City Hall

Kids' Stage
2035 Colorado Blvd.

4:30-5:15pm- Oh So Silly Animal Stories
6:00-6:45pm- Sandra Sandia
7:30- 8:15pm- The Tracs
8:45- 9:30pm- Artichoke
10:00- 11:00pm- March Fourth Marching Band

Colombo's Italian Steakhouse & Jazz Club
1833 Colorado Blvd.

5:30-6:15pm- Tim Yalda and Friends
7:00-7:45pm - Sam Mellon and The Skylarks
8:15-9:00pm - Mumpo
9:30-11:30pm- Stephan Oberhoff Jazz Trio

5:30-8:00pm - The Joe Johnston Band
8:30-11:00pm - Morning Glory

Women's 20th Century Club

5105 Hermosa Ave.

5:00 pm -10:00 pm - The AM/FM Band

Welcome Inn
1840 W. Colorado Blvd.

7:00-7:35pm- Bonne Musique Zydeco
8:00-10:00pm- Bonne Musique Zydeco

Rantz Automotive

1914 W. Colorado Blvd.

6:00-6:45pm – Eagle Rock High School Latin Band
7:15-8:00- Trova
8:30-9:15pm- Ollin
9:45-11:00pm- Kotolan

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

2225 Colorado Blvd.

5:30-6:30pm- Santa Cecilia Orchestra

Soul in the Park/ Future Music Stage
1801 W. Colorado Blvd.

4:00-4:30pm- Rani D.
4:30-5:00pm- Grainshifter
5:00-5:30pm- Alter
5:30-6:00pm- Kutmah
6:00-6:30pm- Computer Jay
6:30-7:00pm- Free the Robots
7:00-7:30pm- DJ Nobody
7:30-8:00pm- Sa Ra Creative Partners DJ set
8:00-9:00pm- Coleman and B + Mochilla mix
9:00-9:30pm- Jeremy Sole
9:30-10:00pm- Peanut Butter Wolf

10:00-10:30pm- DJ Suckapunch
10:30-11:00pm- Black Dynamite band

2160 Colorado Blvd.

6:00-6:30pm- Tag Team Hungry Beat DJ Set*
6:30-7:00pm- Collaboration #1 -Matt Eckel (Jack Wilson, Jr) & Meredith Meyer
7:00-7:30pm- Tag Team Hungry Beat DJ Set*
7:30-8:00pm- Collaboration #2 - Christian (The Transmissions) & Champ (Magick Orchids)
8:30p-9:00pm- Collaboration #3 t-The Monolators [Skiffle Disco]
9:00-9:20pm- Tag Team Hungry Beat DJ Set*
9:20-10:00pm- Film by Sublamp with live soundtracking by Timonium & Divisadero

* Hungry Beat DJs
Marion (KCRW), Michael (Part Time Punks), B-Rok (Substance) , Goodwill (Substance), YY (dublab)

INI Reggae Sound Truck, Street Performances by Leaps N' Bounds Dance, L.A. Groove Styles , Yard Sale Crew, L@s Cafeter@s.

Video Projections from Chris Peters, Julie Orser, Eric Siu , Nate Garcia, Michiko Yao, Karl Montevirgen, Lakshmi Luthra, Christopher Carlton
with projectors provided by Side Street Projects.

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