Sunday, February 21, 2010

Castledoor's Last Show, LANME's First Show: Tomorrow Night at Spaceland

I was hoping not to have to use the "Band Breakups" label again (and especially on CER's one year anniversary), but Castledoor has just announced that tomorrow night will be their final show. No reasons given yet, but if the past is any indication, having their hopes of breaking out of the local scene dashed repeatedly over the years likely has something to do with it. The breakup is especially jarring as it comes on the heels of their recent completion of recording for a new EP, and indications that things were once again looking up.

Castledoor will be opening for the last night of Princeton's Spaceland residency. They should be on at 10pm, preceded by the debut of LANME (Los Angeles New Music Ensemble), who describe tomorrow's performance as "[t]he first run of a series of ground-breaking compositions that fuse together rock, post-minimalism, hip hop, and electronics."

One band ending, one ensemble beginning. And all for free. Definitely worth attending. Sadly, I will be out of town for work.

Castledoor's final music video (the song begins at around 00:45):

A look back at Castledoor through the eyes of CER:

Castledoor at Echoplex (4/28/2009) and at Temporary Spaces (5/1/2009)

Album Review: Castledoor's Shouting at Mountains

Castledoor, Local Natives @ Spaceland (6/22/2009)

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