Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tonight at the Bootleg Theater: Gold Motel & Family of the Year

And we're back. CER is returning, hopefully in full force, after ramping down for a few months. SXSW 2010 may not be in the cards, but it's time to jump back into LA music.

So let's start off big tonight at the Bootleg Theater. Unfortunately it's an all ages show, but it promises to be an exciting one. Gold Motel, the new solo project from Greta of The Hush Sound, is scheduled to be on at 10pm, and Family of the Year (not to be confused with Story of the Year, or Father of the Year) wraps things up at 11:30. Michael Runion plays in between.

FOTY is definitely a band to keep your eye on. You can name your price for digital downloads of their LP and EP on their website. Tonight is their last show before they head out on a tour that takes them to SXSW.

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