Monday, March 8, 2010

What 2 Go 2: March 8 - 14

I'm excited for this week. Every band listed below is be one that I have never seen before (with one exception that I think you'll let slide).

Monday: Seaspin, Repeater and The Romany Rye at the Silverlake Lounge. Night Two of Seaspin's March residency.
  • Seaspin is a female-fronted band playing dark shoegazy rock. Interestingly, the primary members of Seaspin were formerly of Your Enemies' Friends.
  • Repeater is a post-punk band from Long Beach.
  • The Romany Rye is a great folk-rock/alt-country band.
Personally, I'm very interested in seeing The Romany Rye, and since they're on at 9, I'll be happily parking myself at the Silverlake Lounge all night. Repeater's on at 10, and Seaspin is on at 11.

Tuesday: Another night to spend at the Silverlake Lounge, although this time it will cost you $8. Random Patterns (9pm), Superhumanoids (10pm), and his Orchestra (12pm).
  • Random Patterns is, understandably, sometimes random and hard to classify. But they should be fun, and I heard good things about their set opening for the Happy Hollows residency last year.
  • Superhumanoids describe themselves as "an electronic experiment to escape the everyday of the everyday," but there's a lot more indie rock in there than the description would lead one to believe. They've got a good sound.
  • his Orchestra. Piano-powered indie pop with some unusual instruments thrown in for good measure. I've been trying to see this band for over 6 months. They're scheduled to hit the stage at midnight, but I'll stay as late as necessary in order to finally see them. (Bonus: the band is fronted by the oldest son in Big Love.)
Wednesday: If you got tickets to see Delta Spirit at the Bootleg, have fun. It's sold out.

Saturday: Two shows to check out:
  • First, the one repeat of the week: Best Coast claims to be doing an in-store performance at the Bloomingdale's at the [edit: Beverly Center, not Century City Mall] in the afternoon. I don't know if this is actually going to happen (and my mind is boggling just thinking about it), but if does, I will of course be there to witness it, and I'll bring my camera.

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