Thursday, April 8, 2010

Video Encounter: Walking Sleep's "As a Volunteer (acoustic)"

Lots of videos this week. Here's one from Walking Sleep, proud owners of the Echo's April residency. This one particular song reminds me a lot of The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love, a band from Ann Arbor who disbanded in 2003 (and who, it turns out, got a 7.3 from Pitchfork for their album H.O.M.E.S. back in 2001). Many of the members of TOBASOL are now in the Great Lakes Myth Society, who rarely tour, but who I was very happy to catch at SXSW last year.

The video was filmed at the Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake on a rainy Sunday morning.

Walking Sleep - "As a Volunteer" from elliot glass on Vimeo.

Walking Sleep's next show is on Monday at the Echo for night two of their residency. As always, admission is free.

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