Monday, April 26, 2010

What 2 Go 2: April 26 - May 2

Enormous week coming up, the biggest of 2010 so far.

Monday: Last night of Walking Sleep's residency at the Echo, with three exciting supporting acts: Obi Best, Radar Brothers, and, most importantly, The Elk.
  • The Elk are an LA band playing a "secret" show. I assume that because I know who The Elk actually are that the secret is out. But here's a big hint: the Elk River flows through Clay County, West Virginia.
  • As for the other two bands, I've been wanting to see Obi Best for almost a year, and they've got a couple new, interesting demos on their Myspace page. The Radar Brothers are pleasant indie rock on Merge Records.
Tuesday: Two bands worth checking out at two different venues: The Californian is at Spaceland while Chasing Kings are at Silverlake Lounge.
  • The Californian is a band to keep your eye on. It's unfortunate that their Myspace page only provides one minute thirty second samples of four songs, but it takes less than 6 minutes to know they're more than worthwhile. Also unfortunate is that they're on at midnight.
Friday: Fantastic lineup at Pehrspace, featuring His Orchestra, Cue the Moon, and I Heart Lung.
  • My interest was first piqued about this show because His Orchestra is playing. I saw His Orchestra at Silverlake Lounge in February and each and every band member is incredibly talented. I was truly impressed, and even though they didn't finish their set until after 1am I never considered leaving early.
  • But even without His Orchestra, Cue the Moon would be worth the trip. Definitely another band to keep your eye on.
  • I Heart Lung is a two-piece instrumental band. It's good stuff, but I question how it's going to translate at Pehrspace.
Saturday: Avi Buffalo's record release show at the Troubadour. VoicesVoices and The Wailing Wall (a/k/a Jesse Rifkin, who attended Orthodox Jewish Day School for 11 years) open. Because it's a record release show, because I'm looking forward to seeing how much Avi and his band have grown over the past year, and because I'm very curious about The Wailing Wall, it's the CER Show of the Week.

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