Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Night Should Be Spent at Pehrspace

Tomorrow night is the Feed Your Head Second Anniversary Show. Feed Your Head is an LA music blog started by Brad Roberts, who I frequently see at shows but have never introduced myself to (yes, I am increasingly embarrassed about that). Many moons ago, Brad was kind enough to link to CER from his blog. In and of itself that should be sufficient for me to want to attend a show celebrating Feed Your Head's second anniversary of existence, but Brad has assembled a superb lineup that makes for required attendance even if I knew nothing about Feed Your Head:

Seasons (10pm), Radars to the Sky (acoustic at midnight), Downtown/Union (opening up at 9) George Glass (11pm) and a "special solo interlude" from Harley of Red Cortez.

For a brief description of what each band has scheduled for the night, straight from their mouths, head over to Radio Free Silverlake's story on the show.

See you there.

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