Monday, May 18, 2009

W2G2: May 18 - 23

Last week was a bit of a letdown, although I did enjoy Gangi's residency set and my first time seeing Death to Anders.

Monday: Residency Night (but I'll be at the Dodger game)
  • Gangi at Spaceland. They're definitely worth checking out before the month is over. I hope to have a review up of last week's residency show early this week.
Tuesday: Avi Buffalo's residency at the Echo. I still need to get to one of his residency shows. Nico Stai is also playing with Useless Keys at the Troubadour. I have yet to see Nico Stai perform, but I don't think I'll be seeing him on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Folk/Alt-Country night with Olin & The Moon (11pm) and Leslie & The Badgers (9pm) at Silverlake Lounge. The two will be touring together in June. I very much recommend Olin and the Moon's new album, Terrible Town. Or, the Whale is on at 10pm.
Friday: Oh No Oh My, who I didn't get to see at SXSW, is at the Echo for the early show. I'll be in Boston (actually flying into Boston and then immediately renting a car and driving to Newport Beach -- oh joy), so sadly I'm missing this one.

Saturday: The Dears and Great Northern play the Echoplex, but if I was in town I'd try to head over to the All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock/Highland Park for the last show ever at the Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club with The Monolators, who I have never seen.

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