Sunday, May 17, 2009

News & Notes: May 17

  • I finally listened to the Passion Pit EP today. And then I listened to it again. Wow. Their full length comes out on Tuesday and I can't wait to hear it. The MGMT of 2009-2010? I'm also starting to think that I'm more excited to see PP than The Harlem Shakes at their Troubadour and Echoplex shows. Oh, and those shows: I expect them to be among the best shows I see all year. I've added a PP playlist to the right of the blog; you can play the tracks right from there with no popups. I couldn't add a full length version of "Better Things," so here's a Youtube video with it.

  • Princeton is performing at Lincoln Center on June 5 as part of the Virginia Woolf Conference: 2009 Woolf in the City. They'll be performing in conjunction with choreographer Stephen Pelton. Princeton will be playing their entire Bloomsbury EP and a three movement orchestral piece written specifically for this performance. The band is looking for 2 flutes, 1 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, and 1 Oboe -- sounds very promising. I'll actually be in New York on the 5th, maybe I'll go.
  • New video for the Afternoons' "Saturday Morning (after the funeral)"

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