Monday, October 26, 2009

LA Band to Watch: Letting Up Despite Great Faults

My only problem with Letting Up Despite Great Faults' first album? It's too short. Seven tracks is not enough. That all changes with their second (and self-titled) album, released earlier this month, which grants us access to an additional nine tracks. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the entire album it since it's not on Rhapsody, but what I've heard does not disappoint.

LUDGF includes Rachel of the recently departed Automatic Drawing. It's shoegazy-indiepop (credit to Pitchfork for that description) with electronic undertones thrown in for good measure. Think The Postal Service, but a bit more subdued.

Take a listen on their myspace page, which includes 5 songs from the new album. Note: if you scroll down to the bottom of their MySpace player you're treated to their remix of Passion Pit's "Little Secrets."

LUDGF's next LA date, and their only LA date currently scheduled, is November 21 at Mr. T's Bowl. Should make a nice pre-Thanksgiving treat.

Update: What I call LUDGF's "first album" is characterized by others as an EP. At 7 songs it seems long for an EP, but nonetheless, their just-released album is, officially, their self-titled debut LP.

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